Direct Mail Marketing

13 Mar

Have you ever called or walked into a business all set to speak with the decision maker of the company only to be stopped short by the gatekeeper?  As soon as you say you are the local insurance agent or they feel you are selling something in any way, you are immediately shut down and told by the gatekeeper that the decision maker you are after is not at his desk or just stepped out.  There is nothing more frustrating since you know you can save him or her  some serious cash and provide him or her with some serious service!

It is just at this moment that you should take note of the company’s address and the name of said decision maker (in any way you know how).  Then, mail him a great letter or postcard with your services and let the decision maker call you!  The question is…. what do I mail him that will get him to call me back?   Here are a few ideas I have and please feel free to add ideas of your own.

  • A handwritten folded note card that says what a friendly staff he has (try to mention someone by name) and how privileged you would feel to do business with his company.   Be sure to glue (just a dot from a glue stick will do!) your business card or magnet to the inside.   You could also mention that you understand he may not need your services just yet but please feel free to give you a call or shoot you a quick email with his x-date so you can help him when it would be better for him and his company.
  • Send a $1 scratch off with a note that says, “Why gamble with your insurance?”.   Include the scratch-off and your business card in a full sized letter that gives information about you and your company and your offer to do a free review of his current policy.  Then, ask him to call you to let you know whether or not he won (or call him in a few days to ask).  At the end you could also continue the play on words by asking what he has to lose.
  • Send a letter or postcard asking if he has a coinsurance, hired & non-owned auto coverage, garagekeepers, etc (be sure to tailor the list based on the businesses you are targeting).  Then say something like, “Let us review your policy for free and we’ll make sure you have the coverage you need; no more, no less.”  You can also use this type of direct mail campaign to promote yourself if you focus on taking extra time with your client to explain everything in layman’s terms.

What other ideas do you have for direct mail marketing?  Feel free to share even the craziest ideas!

If you have any ideas or requests for future posts, please feel free to email me at

Melissa Ash

New Jersey’s Business Insurance Lady


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