Become An Expert

26 Mar

We all aim to get to the point of being an expert in this field.  We all hope to one day (if you aren’t already), become known in your area for being the go to person for business insurance.  But, the question is, how do we get there?

Of course time spent in this business and knowledge of our products will help us get where we want to go but how do we make it known how knowledgeable we are?  We certainly don’t want to turn everyone off by constantly talking about nothing but insurance since every time we come close to anyone we would just see their ass as they run away!  So, obviously, we need another forum.

In my opinion, free press releases and articles are the way to go!  Even if you are just starting out in this business, you can always just write about what you know.  Have you been focusing on restaurants lately?  Write an article giving insurance tips to restaurant owners.  Does it seem as though you encounter business owners on a daily basis with the same questions?  Answer them in a press release.

Make sure in your article you include an engaging title, an introduction paragraph that will draw in your target audience and, after the body of your article, a conclusion that sums it all up.  While you will not include your contact information within your article, information about you and your business will be displayed when the article is published.  The more articles you write, the more you will be seen as an expert in the field.  And, the hope is, people will begin to come to you for guidance and to buy from you.  Doesn’t everyone prefer to work with an expert as opposed to someone who may not know the details of their business?

Once you’ve written your article, you’ll want it published for the world to see.  Here are a few sites I like to use:

You may also want to look up online and offline magazines and newspapers who target the audience you are writing to and see if you can submit your work for free to them as well.

Here are a few articles I’ve written myself:

Your turn.  How do you think writing articles and press releases will help your business?  And, of course, please feel free to add a link to your article so we can check it out!

If you have any ideas or requests for future posts, please feel free to email me at

Melissa Ash

New Jersey’s Business Insurance Lady


2 Responses to “Become An Expert”

  1. website advertising March 27, 2012 at 9:10 pm #

    So whats wrong with using submission tools like gsa website submitter?
    Working great for me since year.

    • njbusinessinsurancelady March 28, 2012 at 6:10 pm #

      Unfortunately, I’ve never used a GSA website submitter. I tend to do as much as I can for as little money as I can. For our followers: What are the pros and cons to using a website submitter and do you have a recommendation as to a cost effective one that works great? Thanks for your comment!

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