Stand Out From The Rest

28 Mar

It seems as though every time I talk about marketing ideas with veteran business insurance agents, I’m told there really isn’t much you can do other than cold calling, walking into businesses and gaining referrals but I’m not convinced!  And I assume that since you read this blog, you are not convinced either.

While those three things definitely need to be a huge part of your marketing strategy, I truly believe there is more we can do to stand out. My goal is not to be known as every other insurance agent who has called or stopped by.  I want clients and potential clients to remember me.  To want to stay with me because they feel they know me.  And to refer me to others not only because I can do a great job for them, but because I’m not the same as every other agent they’ve ever come across.

So how do we do become memorable? Think about the most memorable and successful businesses in this world.  They all have a hook related to what they do, right?  When you think about a junk removal company, you aren’t thinking about the little known truck down the street.  You are thinking about ‘Got Junk?’.  When you think about researching something online, immediately you think ‘Let’s Google it.’   This is all due to great branding on the business owner‘s part.

That’s why I decided to brand myself as New Jersey‘s Business Insurance Lady!  And while clients may not initially know my real name, they do call and ask to speak to The Business Insurance Lady so my branding efforts seem to be paying off.  Once you’ve decided how you will brand yourself, here are some ways to make sure you become known for your brand:

  • Create a website for your brand.  Even if you are a captive agent, you should have your own personal business website dedicated to getting clients to call YOU specifically.  Make sure you market your brand throughout.
  • Change your business cards, flyers, postcards, etc. to reflect your brand imaging (cohesive colors, fonts, etc)
  • Create a facebook page specifically for your brand.
  • Answer the phone with your tag line (Ex:  Thank you for calling New Jersey’s Business Insurance Lady.  How may I help you?)
  • Introduce yourself to others with your brand/tag line as the focus.
  • Cold call using your tag line.
  • Create a blog to supplement your branding and show you off as an expert in your field.
  • Make sure your email address reflects your branding as well as your email signature. (For example, instead of Independent Insurance Agent under my name, my signature always has New Jersey’s Business Insurance Lady as my job description and my email address is

Time to get your creative juices flowing!  How will you brand yourself?  Here are some questions to ask yourself as you are getting started:

  • Pick what you want to be known for.  Do you want to write all insurance for auto repair businesses or apartment complexes in your state?
  • Create a catchy name or tag line for yourself that creatively describes who you are and what you do.  For example, would anyone need to ask me, New Jersey’s Business Insurance Lady, what I do for a living?

Now get out there and start branding yourself!

Your turn.  Have you done any branding in the past?  What have you found to be successful and unsuccessful?  But, if you are just getting started, please be sure to come back and tell us what your name or tag line is!

If you have any ideas or requests for future posts, please feel free to email me at

Melissa Ash

New Jersey’s Business Insurance Lady


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