How To Capture Leads With A Landing Page

12 Apr

For today’s post, I’ve asked marketing expert, Dan LaCob of Tribal Style Marketing, to share his expertise with us.  I hope you all will gain valuable information from his article.   And, when you are done reading, be sure to follow his marketing blog (link is at the bottom).  Enjoy!

How To Capture Leads With A Landing Page

by Dan LaCob

This week I will be talking about Inbound Marketing.  Specifically, Online Lead Generation for a brick & mortar business.  One of the best things a small to mid-size local business who specializes in a service (rather than selling widgets) can do, is to educate their prospects or soon to be customers.  The best way to do that is to create a FREE Report in your area of expertise.  You’ll be able to use this report for what marketers call “Lead Capture”.  “What will we capture?” you ask.  Leads!  We want their first name & e-mail in exchange for the FREE Report that we’ll be sending them.

So what do you put in this report?  It could be any number of things, but since this is a Commercial Insurance Blog, I will stick to that.  First, we will have to think of a Title of our Free Report, & this must be really good because this title will be on our Landing Page “pre-qualifiying” our prospects or soon to be customers.  In other words, we want that title to resonate with that person who is searching for the “benefits” or “pain avoidance” points.  This title format focuses on the benefits our customers will receive immediately by reading our report.  For example, “20 Tips That Will Save You Hundreds On Your Auto Insurance”, “20 Tips That Will Save You Thousands On Your Next House Repair”.  Our soon to be customers would receive the benefits of gaining knowledge on how to save hundreds on auto insurance or how to save them thousands on a house repair.

The other title format we could do is to focus on the customers’ “pain avoidance” points.  For example, “20 Things You Must Know Before You Call A Plumber”, “10 Warning Signs Your Hot Water Heater Could Fail In The Next 30 Days”, etc.  Our customers want to avoid the pain associated with hiring the wrong plumber or ignoring the warning signs of an about to fail hot water heater.

If you’re having trouble creating your Free Report, just sit down & ask yourself, “What are the top 10 questions I get from my current customers?”  You can narrow it down quickly, just by doing that simple exercise.

Since we are talking about Commercial Insurance, we can name ours as “The Top 10 Questions To Ask When Purchasing Commercial Property Insurance; “The Top 20 Things You Must Know Before Purchasing Commercial Liability Insurance”, “-Workers Comp”, etc. etc.  I’d recommend having a different report for each type of Insurance with a different landing page that captures first names & e-mails, which then sends them to a link to download the Free Report, & also since they are now in your sales funnel, you can send them a nice newsletter every month or quarter.  It’s always smart to stay “top of mind” with your customers or soon to be customers.  You can test these different Lead Pages with any Online Advertising you do, & see which one converts better under what circumstance.

For the Landing Page itself, I would recommend a nice HTML template that you don’t have to fuss over or just go get Optimize Press for those eye dazzling high conversion pages!  If you have a Web Designer you frequently use, they can get you set up quick.  If you need help finding some templates or don’t know where to start drop me a line on my contact form & I’d be glad to help you.  Just make sure you have your .PDF Free Report ready to go, & of course your Lead/Landing Page Sales Copy.  Here are some awesome examples of high conversion Landing Pages, and also suggestions on how to make them better.

I’d recommend adding a short video of someone from your company explaining the benefits of signing up to get this Free Report.  Fancy introductions with over produced & polished graphics sometimes tends to backfire, depending on your industry.  It’s not necessary but it could provide you the extra 1% or 2% conversions you need.  Make sure you also have a strong call-to-action or (CTA).  What do you want them to do?  Browse around & gawk for 10mins?  Go back to their Facebook page?  No, you want them to put their name & e-mail in the box & sign up to get the report.  That’s it!  Over time, if you keep giving them great content, it will build enough rapport with them so they call you to do business with you.  Keep it simple, & you will succeed.

One last thing, make sure you’re not afraid to test, & re-test.  Then, you’ll want to test some more, & also you guessed it, you’ll want to test it again!  A/B split testing different headlines, different colors, designs, & copy is what the pro’s do, & trust me…it never ends!  Below is a link to my Landing Page for my “Top 5 Mistakes In Mobile Marketing”.  Your welcome to take a look at it & grab some tips.  I’ve taken this concept & turned my Free Report into a series of 5 separate e-mails to build rapport on automation with my soon to be clients/customers.  I’ve found in my mObile marketing niche, people tend to get overwhelmed quickly because this technology is still so new & has a tiny market share.

Click Here To Learn The Top 5 Mistakes in mObile Marketing!

Dan LaCob is a Marketing Consultant who specializes in mObile marketing &
lives in the Atlanta area.  Dan helps build your tribe of loyal, raging, warriors,
through mObile.  He runs a Blog @:


Thanks for the great information, Dan!  I’ve started working on a landing page for my website and will post it for everyone to see when I’m finished.   I’ve already created an article titled, “Top 10 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Business Insurance” and will be using that to generate leads through my page.

Your turn.  Do you already have a landing page?  If so, please share the link to your website so we can all see how it’s done.  If not, will you be creating one and what article are you planning on doing to capture leads?


If you have any ideas or requests for future posts, please feel free to email me at

Melissa Ash

New Jersey’s Business Insurance Lady



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