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Car Wash Clients

6 Jun

While at a CE class yesterday, I met a guy who began talking with me about a few marketing techniques he was looking to try out but, unfortunately, the agency owner where he works wouldn’t let him.  During our conversation, I happen to come up with an idea to share with him and now I’m sharing it with you…

It seems as though this time of year is the best time of year for getting your car washed at a car wash.  And every time I drive by one, I see a line around the block waiting to go through the soapy brushes.  So, I thought, why not offer these people a free car wash if they agree to do a free quote with you?  This would most likely work best for those soliciting life insurance or personal auto insurance and for those who have an app on their phone or ipad in order to complete this.  And, of course, you’ll need to be in a state where rebating is allowed.

Here’s how it would work:

First, you would need permission from the car wash owner in order to do this.  If he/she agrees, I would also ask for a discounted rate for those who you give a free car wash to.  You may also need to sell this idea to the owner by telling him/her you will market for this event which will ultimately bring more customers to the car wash as well.

Second, market, market, market.  You may want to hang fliers in the area offering the free car wash, post it to your social network pages, tell friends and family about the event and announce the event on your website and through press releases.  The more people you get to attend (even if they are only looking for a free car wash at first) is ideal.

On the day of the event, you’ll want to collect all the necessary information from the attendees as they are waiting in line for their car wash.  You may want to get an assistant or even another agent to help you out with this.

Then, when they exit the car wash, the idea is to have his/her quote ready.  If the potential client likes the quote, be prepared to have him/her do an electronic signature right on the spot or set up an appointment with you to discuss, sign and collect payment.  Of course, it’s always better if you can take care of everything on the spot.  If the potential client does not like the quote, you still have his/her contact information and you’ll be able to drip their email and snail mail with information or give them a call in a few months to try and solicit their business at a later date.

Your turn:  Have any of you tried something like this in the past?  How did it work out for you and do you have any tips for those of us who haven’t tried this yet?

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Be a Guest Blogger

2 May

In the commercial insurance business, we are always looking for ways to get in front of business owners.  And, where do business owners hang out?  LinkedIn, Youngentrepreneur.com, and the like.  Our goal should be to ‘meet’ these business owners online, become an expert in their eyes and, eventually, bring them on as clients.  But, while the sites I mentioned are great starting points for doing just that, I think we should also do our research and find a few small business minded blogs where business owners come to learn about different aspects of running a successful business.  And what is one of the main things they should learn about (in my opinion, anyway)?  That’s right! Insurance!

When I first started trolling online and learning the ins and outs of marketing an insurance business online, I used to see blogs promoting a guest blogger and think, “Wow!  I wonder how that person became a guest blogger?”  But, guess what?  I’ve discovered it is MUCH easier than it seems.  All I did was send a private message to the blog owners requesting the ability to become a guest blogger and attach a copy of my super helpful article and, viola!  I was given the spot.

Want to check out my guest spot at Start Your Own Small Biz?  Here it is:


If nothing else, when someone googles you or your business, your guest post will pop up in the queue!

On the flip side, if you know of any great marketing gurus who may be interested in guest posting on this blog, please feel free to send them my email.  We already have one great guest blogger (who is currently writing another post for us – thanks Tribal Marketing!) but the more ideas we can get, the better!

Your turn:  Have you had the opportunity to be a guest blogger?  Send us the link and we’ll check it out!


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Shopping for clients…

20 Mar

I was in my car getting ready to pull out of the 7-11 parking lot yesterday when a van pulled in and parked next to my passenger side door.  I immediately looked to see what type of business the van’s sign promoted and it was a carpet business.  I then got a business card ready and put down my passenger side window.  When the man emerged from his van, he glanced my way and I took the opportunity.  I smiled and asked him how he was.  He said he was doing well so I pointed to the sign on his van and asked if this was his business.  When he said yes, I explained what I do and handed him a business card.  He took it, smiled and said he’ll be calling for a quote.  Will he call?  That is yet to be seen but the whole situation got me thinking about other ways I can generate leads while I’m running errands.

As a commercial insurance agent, it’s not always easy to tell who are business owners and who aren’t so I certainly wouldn’t promote just handing out cards, flyers or postcards to everyone.  But, business owners need to shop and run errands as well, so there must be at least a few when I’m out and about.  The general plan is to ALWAYS have business cards in my pocket and flyers, brochures or whatever I have made up, available in my car.  Here are a few ways I’ve decided I’m going to generate leads while I’m running errands:

  • Scan the parking lot for service vehicles.  Park close to them so they can see my car door magnet and phone number.
  • Put flyers, brochures or something promoting my business on the windshield or drivers side door handle of said service vehicles.
  • Talk to people behind and in front of me at the store.  You never know who they are or who they know.
  • Change up my dry cleaner, bagel store, etc every time I go (within reason).  I’ll have additional chances to meet more business owners and, thus, generate more clients.

I believe if we keep our eyes and ears open, even when we aren’t in the office or out purposely prospecting, we will have a better chance of generating more clients and getting our name out there.

Your turn.  Tell us about a time you met a potential client when you least expected it.

If you have any ideas or requests for future posts, please feel free to email me at melissa@njbusinessinsurancelady.com

Melissa Ash

New Jersey’s Business Insurance Lady


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